Keeping Up with Tina

Tina did finally go to rehab for three weeks.  I told them at the rehab the court sent her to that three weeks would not be enough to help her.  It wasn’t.  She relapsed and did not report when she was to be tested for drugs.  Now there is a warrant out for her.  I was so hoping that the rehab would miraculously help her, but when one has been so abused, a band aid doesn’t do much good.  I am really worried about her.

Most people don’t realize that anyone can get on the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s website and check to see if anyone is in jail or has a warrant for them.  It even shows what their bond is and gives the charges against them, as well as a mug picture when they were arrested.  I’m not sure if that should be allowed.  It seems like a terrible invasion of one’s privacy, and the person may not even be guilty of the charges.

People are sent to rehab free if  they are sent by the court.  By that time, the short rehab stay doesn’t have much affect.  If you could send people to rehab before they are ever arrested for anything, maybe the rehab would do some good.  But rehab for an individual outside the court system costs the individual about $25,000 for a month–and that probably isn’t enough time to do any good.  If you are sent to rehab after you are in the court system, you now probably have a felony on you that will follow you the rest of your life.

We need free rehabs for individuals to enter before they get involved in the penal system!