About Kay Corbett


I am the author of Calla Lilies: A True Story of Four Sisters and Their Struggle to Survive Abuse, Addiction, and Poverty in America. I was married to their father over 40 years ago but have stayed in close contact with the “girls” for the past 40 years. Through their lives I have learned a lot about many social issues, which I would like to discuss in this blog. I have my own life but I speak to the Calla Lilies often and have done all I could to help them. sust

I have a college education and a degree in music education but did not teach very long. I have sung with many community and church groups and love being a part of a choir. It is a wonderful experience and I hope I can sing for many years to come.

My husband and I have traveled throughout the world but are not traveling as much now. We still take cruises during the winter time.

It is May and I love to garden, so I will be getting into the garden later today to plant some lilies. Mostly, my garden is self-sustaining as most plants are perennials now. I put a fence around my backyard to keep out the deer. So far, so good, except for one day when the gate was left unlatched. I was shocked to see six deer eating my plants in the bed in the middle of the yard.

I have planted my large backyard and front yard with zoysia grass as it needs no watering and little attention. It is a beautiful grass and very conservation friendly. I have never watered this grass and it looks gorgeous.

I am most interested in the social issues of our country and this blog will cover many of them through the Calla Lilies and with other information and articles I read. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Kay Corbett

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